What ho, LJ-land! Things have happened since my last post - many Things, including but not limited to: two countries*, one exam, one epic Megaupload fiasco (? I'm still catching up on this) and Other Stuff which I will inevitably forget to post about, and that's fine. (But my God, I still haven't made my New Year's Resolutions yet - maybe on the bus Friday, with Hanna...)

UNDER THE CUT: Happy Discworld blather and POSSIBLE TMI re: food/body image/Sarah being just plain weird and annoying )
Bam! Day 01 of Collingwood, here we come.

Today was a day of firsts: The first run of the season (!!) was down Tranquility*, which is - ahem - right outside our front door (well, the front door of the Weider Lodge, which is where we're staying this year. I love and wholeheartedly miss Cranberry Surf, but Grandma and stairs are taking a break from each other right now). It was fantastic! I was a bit worried about just jumping right into it after not having skiied for a year, but once you get started, really, there's nothing like it. God, everything about the first run was amazing; from the snap! of boots into bindings (my favourite sound in the world), to the heady rush of wind and the feeling like flying as I carved through the snow. We were early enough to get first tracks, which, just, fuck yeah!

(Every year, I try to encapsulate Collingwood and skiing and all that that means to me in a post. I still can't find the words, but I hope someday they come, because I want to be able to translate this awesome feeling and share it wih everyone.)

Today also marked the first wipe out of the season - mine, natch. How typical that only after David and I get to the bottom of Calamity Lane, a double-black wih special warning signs that say "CAUTION: Expert Skiers Only!" - only after skiing down that do I wipe out careening over unseen moguls on a blue hill. Oy. I was coming off of Calamity, so I was going pretty fast across the hill, and I was thinking to myself "GDI why is this ground so bumpy?!". And then I hit a mogul, and BAM! Apparently it looked pretty spectacular, like I was "doing a front flip" to quote David. IDK all I remember is faceplanting into the snow, skidding for a good couple of meters and losing one ski. It was pretty sweet. ;p

The first lunch of the season (seriously, I love Collingwood, we eat so well here) was a turkey sandwich with mustard, OM NOM NOM NOM. I love Christmas leftovers. Now my breath smells like cheese (TMI! you say). But it was good cheese!

Now I can hear Spongebob (LOL I almost wrote "Spongeboob". #OH DEER, I find that funny OTL) from where David is watching tv in the other room. We will probably hit up the Village today, seeing as we're staying in the middle of it. That will be exciting. There might also be exercise time in the near future, depending on when Dad wakes up from his nap. And maybe I can sneak away to a Starbucks to post this, because no way in hell am I paying for internet.

Other interesting moments of the day so far include trying to conjugate German verbs while hurtling downhill, and realizing I'm probably one of the only people who still refer to the twin hills of Sunrise and Cruiser as O-Hill because that's what they used to be called, damn it!

*Especially surprising because I can't remember the last time we skied this run. We usually skip it because it's always so damn busy. But not today!
1) Just got back from a lovely weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake with vexinglyverbose and mod_martha. We shopped, swam, and ate awesome food. Last night, we went to see An Ideal Husband as part of the Shaw Festival. IT WAS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. And I wasn't even all that into seeing it in the first place. The tickets weren't exactly what you'd call cheap, so I was not too happy about spending that money, but I am so glad we went, because that was the most fantastic play I've ever had the pleasure of watching. The actors were terrific; the costumes were completely stunning, and, I mean, it's Oscar Wilde. What more can you ask for? What surprised me most about the play - more than the witty and intelligent writing, and the vivacity of the characters - was how thoroughly entertained I was throughout. I'm not a theater geek in any sense of the word, so I was like "eh, I will probably not be too enthralled by this" - BUT NO. I was completely taken from the opening act, and it was just FULL OF FABULOUS. ;ALSDJASLDKN;ASKLDJT SO MUCH LOVE FOR THAT PLAY. SO MUCH. ♥

2) I Have A Lot Of Feelings Questions: A Very Bitter Whiny Rant About My Education (Sorry for the Misplaced Commas)
Ok, someone please enlighten me because I cannot, for the life of me, understand this phenomenon. I am a generally mild-mannered university student. I go to Queen's University. I am planning to major in Psychology. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?! Every time I talk to someone about my degree, there is always this undertone of "what the fuck, why would you choose psychology?". There's always a pause after that, like I'm supposed to say "Surprise! Jokes - I'm actually going into bio/history/philosophy/acupuncture", and the other person will laugh, and all will be well. I will be the first to admit: I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. Whenever I tell anyone that I'm interested in psychology, I feel pressured to justify that interest. What can I say? I like knowing how the mind works. I like introspection. Why should I apologize for that? I'm majoring in it because I am interested in it - why is that so horrible?! 

Person: "So Sarah, what are you studying?"
Sarah: "Well, I'm majoring in Psychology--"
Person: "Oh, there's a psychologist here, can I leave the table now?"
(ACTUALFAX from this afternoon.)

Not to be impolite but what the fuck? I don't understand what's going on. What evil menace awaits in fourth year psyc? How is my degree worth less than that of someone who is going into Medieval Studies? Why does studying psychology make it sound like there's something wrong with me? It's my undergrad: no one's going to look at it after I've gotten my Master's, yet it feels like people are automatically writing me off because of it. It's gotten to the point that I don't like talking about my degree because I feel like I should be ashamed of it. And, trust, when you're spending this much money on something, you want it to be something you're not ashamed of.

Am I just projecting this? It's completely possible. (But I sure wasn't projecting the above conversation.) Is there some critical element of a BA in psyc that I have just failed to grasp? My mom majored in Psyc, and she turned out pretty well*. I'm just trying to do the same.

This shit just makes me want to say fuck it and enroll in one of those fancy-schmancy joint MBA/JD programs so that I won't have to continually justify myself, and people can finally shut up about my major.

TL;DR: Sarah whines about her degree; abuses question marks.

*This is a bit of an understatement. I love you, Mom.
Back from BC - it was awesome! Perfect snow, weather, everything. Nothing beats that first run of the day, when the sun's shining and the wind all around you, carving through the immaculate corduroy all the way down the hill... wow. ... And then the Burfield Quad that took 22 minutes to get to the top. It was great, and I hope everyone else's March Break was/is just as cool.

Ooh, and the best part: my brother and I visited the mini terrain park, and learned how to do rails! ...ok, so it was a tiny rail, but STILL, it was awesome, and I feel sufficiently proud of myself. And I have videos. Also, a cowbell, because the Telus people at the resort were handing them out - cool souvenir, y/y? Mmm, what else? Cover Shot, the only double-black we had time for, was a heck of a lot easier than Gowabunga at Silver Star.

Yeah, and I also finished reading Pride and Prejudice. Frankly, it was a hard book to get into, but at around page 210 when Darcy actually grew a pair, that was quite pleasing. It was a cute book. AND SPEAKING OF BOOKS, OMG, THE FOURTH RANGER'S APPRENTICE BOOK IS OUT ON THE 18! I AM SO THERE!

Alright, if you've read this far, congratulations. Even more meaningless stuff behind the cut.
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