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What ho, LJ-land! Things have happened since my last post - many Things, including but not limited to: two countries*, one exam, one epic Megaupload fiasco (? I'm still catching up on this) and Other Stuff which I will inevitably forget to post about, and that's fine. (But my God, I still haven't made my New Year's Resolutions yet - maybe on the bus Friday, with Hanna...)

Anyway, the London photos are up on DUTCH MY LIFE, and I will eventually get around to posting properly about everything... but this is justa short update because I have finally read Terry Pratchett's SNUFF and I wasn't going to take notes about it but I just couldn't help myself because ;;aasd;lfjasff;ALSKDNF;KSDJASDF OH MYGOD YOU GUYS I JUST HAVE ALL THE FEELS. THE ENTIRE VIMES FAMILY IS REALLY FUCKING AWESOME and Vetinari obviously is EPIC EPIC EPIC and IT WAS SUCH A GREAT READ that I was physically flailing in public and laughing out loud and punching the air triumphantly at various bits - and basically, that book made me SO HAPPY I CAN'T CONTAIN ALL THE HAPPY~ :D :D ♥

*LONDON (ok, not a country, but OHMYGOD the stories. Newsflash, kids: overnighting in the wind and rain of a Dutch winter OUTSIDE ON A BUS BENCH is Not Fun. Upside: I spent basically five hours in Pavol's lap. Downside: wearing four pairs of pants and another human being as a jacket = not nearly as sexy as it could have been :/); BAD WINDSHEIM (excellent, but with consequences**)

**Sooo, be it universally agreed that Sarah + sleep deprivation is Not Good. I definitely spent upwards of half an hour today standing in front of the small mirror in the room, naked and looking and hating myself because let's face it, there was a lot of food at Tante Freidl's and, well. I was in a bit of a bad way - read: blubbery crying and clawing at my stomach and hitting and slapping myself. I've never done that before; it was certainly an experience, but when I decided that "Learn, experience, grow" should be one of my New Year's Resolutions, that's not exactly what I had in mind. I felt better after I went to the gym, but I can feel that things are still Not Right. I'm going to bed hungry tonight, and I'm determined not to go grocery shopping until I'm back from Leeds, so oatmeal and apples it is. I'm going to see if I can make it on one bowl of the stuff tomorrow, since there's a party tomorrow night, and I want to be prepared. But now, to bed, because I'm hoping to get up and go for a run. Issues, issues, issues.
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