Yesterday (Friday), I biked to work in the rain. There was dirt everywhere, including in my hair, wtf. So, I got out of the shower at work all nice and clean... and realized I'd forgotten my clothes at my desk. Because I am awesome. :/

But aside from that, Friday was good. Saw The Karate Kid with [ profile] cherishedsaulie  and [ profile] vexinglyverbose . OH, THAT MOVIE. ♥ IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED: CUTE AND FUNNY, AND FULL OF CHEESY GOODNESS. (There is a soft spot in my heart for movies like this.) AND IT HAD JACKIE CHAN. I CANNOT ASK MORE THAN THAT. JACKIE CHAN IS KIND OF MY HERO BECAUSE HE IS SO AWESOME AND AND AND JUST. NO WORDS. *FLAILS* :D

So yeah, it was a ridiculously cute movie (Jaden Smith is about ten different kinds of adorable). I recommend it for those who will never truly outgrow the 9-12 age group.

After the movie, we went to Trevor's party. It was meh. People were already shitfaced by the time we got there, so Chloe and I stayed for a couple hours and then called it quits. We crashed at my house, and this morning, we made CHOCOLATE CHIP AND BLUEBERRY PANCAKES, OM NOM NOM NOM NOM.

Now, I'm just chilling. I've got work from 4:30-9:30 today, and then all day tomorrow.

OH AND I'm registered for my courses for next year! 3 different PSYC courses, 1 french lit course (not the one I really wanted, alas), and 1 intro to German course (because the Classics Department refused to let me into beginner Latin, arrrgh). Still, it should be fun. Oh man, I just realized that this is the longest I've gone without school in my life. Kinda scary.
Well, it's almost twelve - it will probably be after twelve by the time I post this - and I have yet to start editing my HLTH101 paper that's due on Friday. Fun times. >.<

In lieu of oh, I don't know, anything productive, I have been re-re-re-re-re-re-yougettheidea-re-watching the vids my Beginner Hip Hop teacher put up on facebook because you know. Her.

(Um, that sounds really stalkerish and kind of strange, but I mean it in the most mild-mannered way possible. Trufax.) And Jacob totally said hi to me today outside of class and ;asldfkjae;ir <3 <3

I have an interview tomorrow (O.o) which I feel kind of nervous for, but mostly I am le tired because ECON OMFG WHYYYY. I mean, I love my group and we have so far achieved decent-ish marks, but hurrrrrrrgh, I am so not impressed with this course. But the prof is hilarious and dorky and I love him, so that's something.

The carmelized onion soup at Lazy is trash. I don't know if i've ever tasted anything that vile. Eurgh.

AND FURTHERMORE: I know I'm about twenty decades behind on internet/fandom stuff but. Guys. NO ONE EVER TOLD ME DR. HORRIBLE'S SONG-ALONG BLOG WAS SAD! It has Neil Patrick Harris! Singing! About ruling the world with his freeze ray! WHAT WAS THAT ENDING, WHEDON, I DON'T EVEN D; D: (I D-face even more than Zachary Quinto for this. It's kind of stupid, but I was expecting to be cheered up when I watched it, not heartbroken.)

I now have the freeze ray song on repeat on iTunes. Because that's how I roll, motherfuckers.
Tequila Sunrise... )




Tdoay, sitting in the latin classroom at 3:35, Michelle was leafing through A Survey of European History. The book was published in 1939 and probably hadn't been used since then. She turned the page and the bright May sunlight streaming through the windows illuminated a four-leaf clover nestled between pages 658-659.

IS THIS NOT THE START OF EVERY TEEN ADVENTURE NOVEL EVER? I refuse to be surprised if tomorrow we wake up in a Parisian ditch during the reign of Louis XIV.


* not counting exams+formal (annnnnnnnnnnd, rugby dinner on June 6th, fuck yeah)
1) Yay weekend!
2) Omfg I can't write essays to save my life. V.S. Naipaul, I know you're just doing this to fuck with us! Homework sucks.
3) It's a contradiction in terms: my life is full of epic boredom right now, but at the same time, I'm so busy it's crazy. WTF. No, scratch that. There are so many things I should be doing, it's crazy. I'm just. Not doing them ATM. Obviously.
4) I am grievously behind on both House and SPN (and MERLIN *tear*). This must be rectified! ...Eventually.

In other news:
T minus 5 days til legal adulthood. (And if that's not a scary thought, I don't know what is.)
T minus 2 days til "Decision Time Or Else". Status: Clueless. As always. Fuck me. incipient mental breakdown, let me show you it.

I CAN'T DECIDE! Logically, I shouldn't even be complaining - oh would you shut the fuck up for once, I would like to post something on my journal without having to lambast myself first!

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But on the whole, I think I should say that I am completely batshit excited for September, no matter where I end up.

Today was good! It made me happy. (And ran off with my syntax, so I now sound like a five year old).

tl;dr: yayz school/life )

tl;dr: I too have the right to make a fool of myself in front of an auditorium of strangers )

Days til Classics: too many to count *le sigh*

Days til FRANCE!!: 9 (HOLY LE SHIT.)


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Also, I have this urge to turn our bio lessons into sci fi snippets. C'mon, the nervous system? Homeostasis?

"Move quickly!" she said. "We must travel through the Forest of Dendrites to reach the Sacred Synapse! We've got to hurry, or else we'll be swept up the wave of depolarization as it strikes terror into the Axon with its evil minions, the S'Odiums!"
"You're right!" exclaimed
Potas Sium beside her, "if we don't get the Pulsimay to the Synapse in time, the whole world of Neu'ron will be reset and we will become lifeless beings, unable to feel a thing! We must transmit this message!"
"Here," interrupted the strong and energetic NaK, "I'll hold the Depolarizer off as long as possible. You two just get to the Nodes of Ranvier as fast as possible! Tell Lord Ranvier--"
"Wait," she said, "Ranvier is real? I thought the Nodes were just a children's tale."
"No, they are certainly real," said NaK. "And very powerful. Through them, Lord Ranvier will use the magic of the Saltatrix Conductiva to speed your journey immensely.
Tell him that you need Myelin's Sheath - he'll understand! Now go!"
"Goodbye NaK!" they cried as they turned and set out on their fantastic journey - to save the world of Neu'ron.

...Look, I never said the snippets would make sense.

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Jan. 16th, 2009 05:29 pm
I was so close to not having school today >.< Damn lucky spots in the power outage.

What's new? Ded. I can has it.

The way I see it, if I can survive from now until 1:00 p.m. on the 27th, then I will be set for almost the rest of the year. Except not, but I can pretend.

O HAI and also, grad comments  are due soon. Summing up four years of high school in 380 characters+ spaces. What I have so far: meh...


Title: And All That I Have is Thine
Fandom: axis powers hetalia
Author: Mithrigil Galtirglin

Things To Know: To quote wikipedia: "Hetalia Axis Powers is a manga and anime series by Hidekaz Himaruya placed in a World War-era setting in which the countries are represented by anthropomorphic characters."
...Think of it as shipping countries, basically.

Why This Fic Wins At Life: BECAUSE IT HAS CANADA Because [ profile] mithrigil  portrays emotions and experiences so vividly. Her writing is simply stunning and I don't know how to describe it, but she makes you feel things when you read and I don't even know but it's just so lush and evocative and really really really really GOOD. *flails nonsensically* JUST. JUST GO READ. (knowing a bit of UK-US history might help. Alternately, you could just do as I did and click the link anyway)

Um, yeah. APH has kind of eaten my life. >.>
Can you tell?
lists. they make the world go round ) I was typing this entry, I sometimes looked up, and I have realized that my Stumble messages have increased like clockwork, every three minutes or so. It's slightly disconcerting.
 A BOMB THREAT? IN MY SCHOOL? IT'S MORE LIKELY THAN YOU THINK! *points to icon* This exemplifies my feelings perfectly.
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It's ok to be gay was playing in my head ALL EVENING. I would have sung along, but I felt that might be mildly inappropriate. )

Also, completely random, but anyway, I think that I only get really cold when I'm unhappy about stuff. Case in point, yesterday I felt miserable, and I was wearing my fluffiest pj's, and I was still freezing my ass off. Today, I felt human for the first time in a while, and it was nice and warm.

Um. Today. Yeah. Boring.

white wine in the sun )

Ugh. Sometimes I think... as my brother would say, "I don't even know, man."


Dec. 3rd, 2008 09:38 pm
Today was good.

First, school. Blah.


Um, I found out my Writer's Craft teacher is queer? I almost didn't ask her, I was so nervous about it, but she was very cool and answered my questions willingly. It was very interesting, and I left feeling jubilant and wondering why I couldn't have had her as a teacher in grade 10, dammit.

Then, Chapters. Poetry reading - our poetry. Gods, and my old english teacher was there, along with Mr. Dr. P (my Studies in Literature teacher with a PhD, whom I respect immensely) and I wanted to go hide in a corner FOREVER. I mean, I'm terrified of oral presentations at the best of times, but reading my poetry in front of said teachers - apprehension was off the charts. Especially because when I call it "poetry", I here mean "writing that makes you wish for brain bleach".

But I survived, which is good.
Also, Friday is  a PA Day (and gods, don't I feel juvenile, saying "I still have PA Days!! :-D", but HA I do~)

...pointless entry is pointless. Clearly I need to go save the world or become an astronaut or something, so I can post about all the Epic Adventures I have.
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Today was horribly unproductive. It took me three hours to get through my math homework - and I only had a handful of questions. >.<
Got very little else done... needless to say, not feeling so hot right now.

Trip to McMaster U tomorrow for their fall preview day. It should be... interesting.

Sunday going over to C's to learn how to make phyllo pastries (IDK how to spell it), so that should be fun, if not terribly useful, concerning the MATH TEST OF DOOM I have on Monday.

Watched NMTB in lieu of doing Writer's Craft or Lit. homework. Awww, Simon, ILU. I miss Bill Bailey, though.
... I've been a bad, bad boy girl, Father Ms. Cullis. I seriously hope that when marking my writing journal, you don't read the entries too closely. You might get scared. You might wonder what type of insane, introverted individual I am. You might wonder what I do in my spare time. Trust me: you don't want to know.

But I don't regret writing it. :p

Also to do this weekend:
1. finish academic resume
2. catch up on House and SPN

Today is the beginning of the end. Grade 12, last year of high school (barring any unforeseen circumstances). Gotta make it count.

I think.

David's in grade 9 this year, which is just fucking weird. I dropped him off today so he could pick up his schedule and get to homeform.
Got my own schedule; I have no homeform. Or, at least, no class, on account of a first period spare. Which is kind of nice.

I have to go rearrange my school stuff now. I don't know.

small cut )

1. Niagara was awesome and fun. We explored a graveyard and went star-gazing and swimming. The food and weather were both fantastic and I have a new hat. Yay!

2. THe K9 unit was also extremely cool. Police officers Jim and Max showed us around. Jim's dogs were named Sonic and Juno, and Max's dog was called RIP (rest in peace). It should be noted that while Juno is trained to sniff out explosives and Sonic is trained to find the scent of live humans, RIP is trained to sniff out cadavers. Apparently Max keeps decaying human matter in a freezer. O.O

Ridiculous fun.

3. WATCHMEN. I read the graphic novel. Of course, my favourite character died. Again. (Sometimes, I don't know why I bother). BUT AWESOME. I really liked it, and I'm excited for the movie, even though the trailer sucked ass (as in, when I saw the trailer, I hadn't read the comic, so I had no idea of what was going on. It doesn't really say anything about the plot of the thing at all. I'd suggest reading the comic first.)

4. School starts on Tuesday.


Jul. 26th, 2008 01:49 pm

eeurgh, I want a shower. What has been done this week? Not much. Then again, it's only Tuesday. Game tomorrow. Practice Thursday. Friday, 7:00 - 7:05 Be Cheerful and Relaxed and a People Person. Then, and not before.

So I'm quite sorry if this journal is a deluge of rants and angst for the next... three weeks. And then summer school will be over and August will stretch ahead and September will be right round the corner, god help me and hopefully stuff will be... if not awesome, then at least better.



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