I still haven't decided whether this post is going on livejournal or tumblr, so we'll keep it here for now. Long time, eh? *looks around* This place is dusty!

But aight, so on to the actual post. (With the preface that it's a bit hard to write this at the moment because I don't know where all my energy's gone but it fuckin went. Which may have something to do with the fact that I've been up since 4:30am or the fact that I've barely had any coffee today - but I'm really cozy in my bed right now with a mug of tea and my sweatpants on, so. Still good things.)
on y va )
Sitting in the kitchen, wearing my mom's giant old sweater, reading Snupin fic with a hot mug of coffee... #contentment. :-)
I made Red Lentil and Squash Curry Stew tonight! Slightly pathetic, yet true: this is the first time I've actually made an honest to God meal for myself in, um, ever. Usually when I go grocery shopping or cook, I go by what's cheapest and what I know how to do. This is the main reason why most of my culinary know-how revolves around a) toast and b) toast. But tonight was different! I even followed the damn recipe. It looked like sludge (so, uh, no pictures), but it didn't taste half bad and I have the leftovers for lunch or something tomorrow. Is this what adulthood feels like?

In other news, a) I WILL UPDATE TUMBLR, I SWEAR, but b) EXAMS ARE HEREEEEEE OH GOD WHY. :/ The epic study program has commenced. Also, the drinking. We literally have a drinking contest going on right now. It is starting as I type. BUGGER ALLE THIS FOR A LARKE, I do not think my studying will succeed tonight.
1. Saw Billy Elliot: The Musical last night with Mom, Dad and Oma. OH MY GOD IT WAS FANTASTIC. OH MY GOD. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it, since I'm not really a musical theatre kind of person but ;LKAJSL;DFKJA;SLDK IT DESERVES ALL THE PRAISE EVER. I know squat about music, but everything sounded awesome and the entire thing was just so well done. No words! The set and costume design was amazing; the story was funny in parts and sad in parts, and just beautiful all around... and the dancing. Oh my. The choreography was absolutely brilliant and incorporated a range of styles a;sldkfjalk I still can't get over it. I loved the first scene with the cops, and the background dancers in Grandma's Song, but my favourite part (ok, aside from all of Expressing Yourself, because goddamn, the kid who played Micheal... just, damn~) was the dance with young!Billy and future!Billy. Beautiful, flawless, fierce, wonderful perfection; cue me writhing and dying in my seat. Ballet, guh. And the boy playing Billy was absolutely phenomenal; how so much talent fits into one body, I have no idea but it was wonderful.

2. I mailed my exchange paperwork yesterday. *FINGERS FUCKING CROSSED*

3. I want a boyfriend.
Things My French Prof Talks About: a) the multiple stories within Jacques le fataliste, b) the quarrels, setbacks and conflicts that surrounded Diderot's work on L'Encyclopédie of 1751-72.

What I Choose To Do With That Knowledge: This. Posted a while ago on tumblr, but on here for posterity, because if you're looking for my stupid, you should be able to find it all in one place.

Not to mention, the following, being a ridiculous, completely historically inaccurate thing I wrote down while I should have been paying attention to a discussion about theater or something.

(Just going to preface the cut with the disclaimer that a) I know nothing about screenwriting; b)SO MUCH HISTORICAL INACCURACY because I can't be bothered to look up dates for these events; c) this is, actually, the most random thing EVER, sorry.)
d) franglais is totally an official language, wtf are you talking about? )

...I also wrote something down about a prompt for a prison!au-thing, based on Rousseau visiting Diderot while he was in prison* (and Diderot possibly subsequently influencing EVERYTHING ROUSSEAU DID, EVER (if you ask my prof)), but I think that will have to wait until I find the magical place where a kink meme for 18th century French writers/philosophes actually, y'know, exists.

*I live in fear of the day anyone asks to borrow my french notes. "What's this?" "Oh, that's, um. Just a bit of porn I wrote about Diderot getting it on with Voltaire. NBD."

ETA: Oh my GOD, dear flist D,,,,:  *HUGS*
It is sunny out, and the sidewalks are clear! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease let it be summer soon!

Countdown to lunch with family: T-34 minutes! (I could be productive now, since I got back from the gym at least 2 hours ago... but LOLOLOLOL PRODUCTIVITY IS FOR PEOPLE WHO PLAN TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE ://////////)

This is a post all about eighteenth century French literature! Because reading Diderot is just... LOLWUT. But it is not a srs!bznz post because a) LOL THE BOOK IS WRITTEN IN FRENCH, WHAT IS THIS READING COMPREHENSION YOU SPEAK OF? and (consequently), b) my summary of the book is basically as follows: two guys ride around and talk about their sexcapades.


Let the record show that: 1) If I am looking up fanfiction for Jacques le fataliste, it is only because DIDEROT TOLD ME TO. Or, rather, he was all "I DARE YOU TO DO BETTER Si vous n'êtes pas satisfait de ce que je vous révèle des amours de Jacques, lecteur, faites mieux, j'y consens." WHICH IS BASICALLY THE SAME THING.

2) "Tu es mon serviteur, quand je suis malade ou bien portant, et je suis le tien quand tu te portes mal." (p.118) ;LASKDJF;LASKDJFAS YOU GUYS WHY IS IT SO ~BROMANTIC ;ASLDKJFA;LSDF (There are other examples, but I am too lazy to type up a whole paragraph of French js.)


Jacques: Bonjour, ladies.
Look at your Maître. Now back to me. Now back à votre Maître. Et encore à moi. Malheureusement, il n'est pas moi. Mais s'il ne prendrait pas une prise de tabac en regardant l'heure qu'il est, he could act like he's me. Look down, back up. Where are you? You're camping in the French countryside with your Maître. What's on your mind? I have it! It's a history of the time I learned sex didn't have to be in the missionary position. Look again. The woman is now on top! Anything is possible si c'est écrit là-haut.
Son Maître: I'm on a horse.


*Also, why have I not been able to find one for The Eagle? STEP IT UP, FANDOM. :D

Hooray for ridiculously early bedtimes! OMG so excited for sleep :) (now watch sleep not come till three in the morning or something...) But. Today was good.

I had work today - last Saturday shift, what. I will be working tomorrow and on Monday, and then not for another month, depending on when shifts are available. At least after next weekend I won't have to miss any more dance classes. Anyway, today's shift was deadly boring but nice. The librarians are really nice, and the other page I work with is great. Also, one of the librarians gave me a belated Christmas card (!) with Ferrero Rocher chocolates attached (!!). It completely made my day; I didn't realize that I merited Christmas cards, but wow! (And one of the other staff members brought in a box of Tim's donuts... OM NOM NOM). On a completely random topic, I've become really interested in books on dance (mostly, let it be said, for the pictures). I keep skulking off into corners to read about Rudolf Nureyev when I should be shelf-reading.

In the evening, Kim and Frank were supposed to come over (*gasp* A proper dinner party?! Never!), but alas! Our plans were derailed by Frank's untimely illness. So Iqra and I ended up going first to a small coffee shop and then to The Brass, which is a pub not far from our house (hell, what am I saying? Nothing is far from our house here). The food was good, if uneventful. Actually, no, that's a lie. It was the best fucking chicken wrap of my life, oh my God. Like. OM NOM NOM, REAL FOOD instead of our regular carbs-and-water fare. There were even vegetables; it was delicious.

The walk home was fucking freezing, holy balls. I ended up jogging in a strange half-shuffle, pitched forward slightly to protect myself from the wind, and generally moving in the most awkward way possible. I couldn't feel my toes - it was colder than Collingwood during the ski season.

Me: "Thank God we're home!"
Iqra: *faceplants onto radiator*

Now I am so, so ready for bed. Tackled some biopsyc reading tonight and a bit of Turcaret during my lunch break; fuck yeah academia. BRB SLEEPING FOREVER~
*dusts hands off*

Today snuck up on me! There I was, sitting in my chair and checking my email, and BAM! suddenly it's the new year. Happy New Year, everyone! Here's hoping to movements of the "onwards and upwards" variety for 2011. :-)

Original plans for New Year's were of the "going out dancing and getting hammered" variety, but those fell through by virtue of Chloe and I being out of the city for a week prior and no one else having the organizational balls to do anything about it. So I ended up joining her at a friend Caitlyn's house, where, among other things, we danced, made mulled apple cider (Tasty!), played video games and Apples to Apples, watched AtLA, drank copious amounts of tea, ate copious amounts of junk food, made copious amounts of nerdy internet references (over nine thousand!) and generally had a good time. Saw some people there whom I'd gone to school with in grade four. It's interesting to see how people have grown up. 

To ring in the first day of 2011 (!!), David and I went out for breakfast with Oma. SO MUCH FOOD. (And then I went and exercised forever, omg.) Tonight, we made sushi again. So much deliciousness, holy.

Today has been awesomely chill, in that all I've done is ignore my exchange application and dick around on the internet, hooray! Yuletide is eating my lifeeeeeeee! 33 pages of Discworld and Good Omens fic! I'm a little bit in heaven right now. ♥

While in the midst of my Sherlock/Discworld/GO fic-reading spree, I realized that something's changed for me in fandom. When I was new(er) to LJ/the internet, fandom was for me a mainly individual pursuit. Sure, I had my (fledgling, tiny) flist and there were communities I checked regularly ([livejournal.com profile] remusxsirius , anyone? Holy hell, I used to have muscle memory for typing that address.) and authors I adored, but when it came down to it, fandom was basically me reading fic, and that was it. It wasn't anything I would call "lonely", because fandom, I don't think, could ever be lonely, that's the whole darn point of it, but I will perhaps call it "narrow". Aside from the occasional capslock-tastic comments on fics, I didn't really interact a lot with any other fans. (This is not to say that I do so to an extreme now, but I digress.) But then time passed and there were new fandoms to explore. Macros took over everything. The TDK party posts were probably where I learned that fandom didn't have to be solely individual. So many people! So many comments! SO! MUCH! CAPSLOOOOCCCCCCCKKK! Then Star Trek '09: the fic was amazing, the artists were top-notch, but I was still constantly distracted by thoughts of HOLY GOD LOOK AT THOSE PARTY POSTS GOOOOO~ ALSO THE KINK MEMES. Yuss. Fans interacting with other fans! An anonymous epistolary free-for-all! APH eating may brain for a looooooooooooooong time. :D Bit by bit, I learned that fandom didn't have to be all about the fic. Yes, fic is my drug of choice, but hey! The people are awesome too!

This was really driven home for me by [livejournal.com profile] ontd_skating . Suddenly, the Kink Meme almost took a backseat to the other members of the comm. Seeing so many people talking to each other and suddenly being aware that - hey! - I could join in too! It was novel. Before, fandom had always been comforting because I knew that there were a bunch of people out there in the world with whom I shared interests and opinions - the fic they wrote proved it. But with my dawning awareness of things like the APH/Inception/Star Trek/[your fandom here] Kink Meme and places like [livejournal.com profile] ontd_startrek  and [livejournal.com profile] ontd_skating  (SO MANY LULZ), I realized that yes, fandom is made up of people with similar and sometimes obscure interests - but fic didn't have to be my only connection to them. I realized that I could actually interact with those awesome people and take an active role in my personal fandom experience. Whoa.

This realization only solidified with the Epic Adventure that was Skate Chanada 2010 (and guys, I could never make a "Fuck 2010 List", because despite all the other stuff that happened, SC made my year unbelievably awesome). HOLY SHIT, THE PEOPLE POSTING IN THE COMM ACTUALLY EXIST IRL!!  AND THEY'RE ALL AWESOME!! That was the sum total of what was blowing my mind throughout that weekend. The discovery was so obvious, but just ~*~SO WHELMING~*~ I don't evan. SC was also a major bit of fannish involvement, I think. I have never spent that much money on anything fandom related before, but ;LAKSDJFALKJTA;TLKAJ; soooo worth every penny. :D (I don't even want to say that it was a once-in-a-lifetime event because I'm just MISSING MAY BROS so hardcore rn (wish I could have been there for NYE akdjfasld NEXT TIME) that I will definitely be on board for any reuniting that may happen in the future).

So fandom has evolved into a much bigger social conduit. It took me a while (as it always does) to catch up to the herd, but now that I have dusted off my Twitter account for SC, and since fellow-LJers seem to crop up where I least expect them IRL (hello, [livejournal.com profile] lovebanshee , [livejournal.com profile] thatdayismine  and [livejournal.com profile] ironychan !), fandom is more about connection than ever. It's this giant ridicu-mazing thing that makes me run out of adjectives and that I don't think I could ever properly define, but I'm really glad and honoured to be a part of. Fandom, being in it, and what I've learned and the people I've met through it, has helped shape who I am now. A little cheesy? Yeah. But not without truth. Taking a leaf from P. Chiddy (hay, don't look at me like that, I've been PChiddy-holmed) in DJBijoux's flawless, stunning, gorgeous, perfect, etc. remix:


The other thing that no one tells you about things like this is how trivial everything else seems afterward.
Under the cut: Dance. More dance. Loads of dance. Some serious stuff at the beginning. Then dance. ).

*Or maybe it just feels like such because there is no air conditioning in any of the dance studios, WHAT THE HELL.
** Repeat after me: I am not prejudiced against Drama majors, I'm not prejudiced against Drama majors...
*** "What do you mean, you want me to feel the music?! Eames, this is ridiculous." "Nonsense! Feel the character, Arthur! Be Betty!"
**** Instructors: let's talk about them. I like all of the instructors I've had so far, especially Julie, whom I already know, but I miss Bri. Dance just won't be the same without her. I know all the other dance instructors are also awesome and competent, but I think she was special. She was one of the nicest people I've met, and I think she really respected us as a class (not that other instructors don't, it's just... well). She was lovely and patient, and always took the time to make sure we were following and liking the choreography - and more than that, it was the little things that really highlighted her competence. Like how she would demonstrate things on both halves of the room so everyone could see, and how she ensured that lines were switched up regularly so everyone got a chance at the front. Videotaping the choreo for people to practice at home. Things like that, simple things that made class just that much more often. She was the first dance instructor (hiphop classes were just before lyrical) I've ever had, and I think I can say she will be remembered fondly as one of the best. <3


Jul. 19th, 2010 06:28 pm




back to your regularly scheduled memememememe... )
Hot shirtless guys give you hi-fives when they pass you in the street.
i don't even know what this is, i'm bored of it already )

What I actually meant to post about:
curses! foiled again! )

In other news, congrats to Brazil for the 2-1 game.

I totally did not mean to take a 2 week hiatus from posting. It just sort of happened.



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