Exams: 3/5*

Dear body:

WHAT WHAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Stop dying on me! Exams aren't done yet, you cannot keep collapsing all over the place halfway through the day. I require the ability to complete sentences until Thursday at 5pm! I have to study like a mofo for French and Biopsyc, and that is dependent upon your ability to continuously maintain adequate muscle tension and to actually concentrate for more than 30 seconds at a time! This zoning out business has got to stop.

No love,

a;sdlfjasdklf I am going to fail all the things. I am panicking now, but I cannot concentrate enough to study, which is new and unsettling. Thoughts start forming in my mind and then before I can complete them, they get obscured by white noise. So dumb.

As long as I can make it til Thursday, all will be forgiven.

*Exams I have a shot at passing: 0/5
Things My French Prof Talks About: a) the multiple stories within Jacques le fataliste, b) the quarrels, setbacks and conflicts that surrounded Diderot's work on L'Encyclopédie of 1751-72.

What I Choose To Do With That Knowledge: This. Posted a while ago on tumblr, but on here for posterity, because if you're looking for my stupid, you should be able to find it all in one place.

Not to mention, the following, being a ridiculous, completely historically inaccurate thing I wrote down while I should have been paying attention to a discussion about theater or something.

(Just going to preface the cut with the disclaimer that a) I know nothing about screenwriting; b)SO MUCH HISTORICAL INACCURACY because I can't be bothered to look up dates for these events; c) this is, actually, the most random thing EVER, sorry.)
d) franglais is totally an official language, wtf are you talking about? )

...I also wrote something down about a prompt for a prison!au-thing, based on Rousseau visiting Diderot while he was in prison* (and Diderot possibly subsequently influencing EVERYTHING ROUSSEAU DID, EVER (if you ask my prof)), but I think that will have to wait until I find the magical place where a kink meme for 18th century French writers/philosophes actually, y'know, exists.

*I live in fear of the day anyone asks to borrow my french notes. "What's this?" "Oh, that's, um. Just a bit of porn I wrote about Diderot getting it on with Voltaire. NBD."

ETA: Oh my GOD, dear flist D,,,,:  *HUGS*
 It has been... a rather lengthly day.

I have no shortage of things to discuss. 

Havemercy - so good.
AUGH HELP MEEEEEE!  I hate exams with an undying, unyielding passion. I'm no good at them. I spent the last two/three days (and partly nights) solid studying and my english exam was crap (but my french thing went ok for three hours of sleep), and now I'm really really nervous for bio, so instead of studying I'm revisiting the idea of the run-on sentence in this post. It's about a variety of stuff.

After this post, I'm going to take a 2-3 week break from posting anything about or having to do with gym. Maybe that  will stop the crazy and help me get a little perspective on this stuff.

Ok, glad to get that out  of my system. I've been planning that part of the entry throughout all of my four tests today. In other words, I'm reading the Count of Monte Cristo, and it is AWESOME even though I'm only at the part where Dantes is out of the Chateu d'If (coolest name ever!) and being all Sweeney Todd: "I will have vengeance! I will have salvation!" except less singing and more usefulness and being nice to good people. (ok, and the cover art? As L pointed out in french class, Edmond has extremely prolific facial hair! And Peter Gallagher's eyebrows)

I will say, however, that I would have happily read a thousand page book if all it did was to describe the wedded bliss of Mercedes and Dantes if they'd gotten married in the first few chapters. *is a romantic*

Other books on my list include:
- the Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett
- The fourth book in the Ranger's Apprentice series, if it would EVER FREAKING COME OUT!
- finish A Hat Full of Sky ... again. Mr. Pratchett  = funniest author ever. :-)

Part 1.5: Starryskies has ended the J/M series! I hope whatever she writes next is just as good!

part 2 )

blahblah )

stfu it was a good phone call


That's All, Folks!
 guhhh Max=sex. That part in Happiness is a Warm Gun after the silence where he screams yeah in a downward spiral like it's freedom and he doesn't care anymore, that's what music is about. Emotion, and god this is beautiful. 

Aside from that, had the SUnnybrook field trip today; don't feel much like talking about it, though. Not yet, maybe later. 

mkay, so it's "Meredith's" b-day party next friday I think. McDreamy facebook's me for the first time in godknows-how-long to invite me, and apparently we need to talk. I'm confused and anticipatory, even though I'm sure it'll be really awkward, cuz I'm not up to speed on any politics (insofar as we're concerned)at all, and I've had no contact with AM or Izzie for about 2 months. Plus, i'm jpretty sure that Izzie dislikes me. Buggery. 

also not the point. be prepared for a long post about J and R and myself coming within the next few days/weeks/whenever the hell I have time. soon.
I figure I might as well post now, while I still can. Goodness knows the rest of this year probably won't be so easy! Thank goodness I got all the courses I wanted, although the teachers are a little sketchy to say the least. 

My Schedule:

in this world, there's real and make believe -- this seems real to me

I'm so excited for tomorrow!
Home at last!

And on a completely random, but more frightening topic, Roxy, who is in Cuba, at this moment, is probably going to experience a hurricane sometime next week. What do you say to someone in that situation? Good luck? I hope you survive?

She better be ok.


Jun. 12th, 2007 11:15 pm
So, I've been thinking ("A dangerous passtime." "I know."<-- Disney!). It has come to my attention through various and sundry lj threads that some people are of the opinion that being gay/bi/trans/whatever is too much of a person's identity (i.e.: a disproportionately large part of their view of themselves). I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so here's mine.

I believe that a person's identity should be who they consider themselves, not who other people think they should consider themselves. That is to say, if a person were thinking of themselves, they would think "I'm ... and I'm gay.", or "I'm ... and I'm a stunt double", or even just "I'm ...". A person's identity should be their view of themselves. For example, I would go something like this "I'm Sarah, and I'm a gymnast." Of course, not everyone would just go "I'm..."; obviously there would be tons of diversity. But that's the gist of it. If someone felt that the thing that identified them the most was their sexuality, then by all means, be proud of your sexuality. If someone felt that they were best identified by the fact that they belonged to Greenpeace, or raised cows, or wore purple everyday, then, again, by all means, identify yourself based on who you are to you. If you don't even identify yourself, that's great too. If there are more of you, the more the merrier. 

There are many different ways of expressing one's self, and half of them have yet to be discovered.  Once again, identify yourself based on who and what you are to you. 

If you are reading this, I wish you all the best. Good luck.

You can do it.
It's almost the end of May. Which means it'll be June soon. Which means summer is sooo close. Summer = laughing, photos, friends, smiles, writing, shopping, swimming, fun, tanning, long drives, music, gratuitous trips to Starbucks, going crazy wild free! 


Yeh, but before that, there's a bazillion tests/assignments due. And I need to mail a letter to the States. Which means I should buy stamps... and edit it. Before I am thought of as a crappy correspondent. Yikes, vite, vite!


Aug. 18th, 2006 10:38 pm

Ahhh, civilization... it's lovely.

Bwahahahaha! "Where has all the sex gone, and why haven't I gotten any?" LOL!

And the people at [profile] hogwarts_live are amazing if they can make me ship Bellatrix/Snape or even Bellatrix/anyoneotherthanNarcissaorAndromeda. But, dude, seriously! Bella/Snape? DUDE Thanks going to [profile] aculeatus and [profile] black_libertine for the revelation. 

And I'm working on my fic(s)...really, I am.




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