After this post, I'm going to take a 2-3 week break from posting anything about or having to do with gym. Maybe that  will stop the crazy and help me get a little perspective on this stuff.

Ok, glad to get that out  of my system. I've been planning that part of the entry throughout all of my four tests today. In other words, I'm reading the Count of Monte Cristo, and it is AWESOME even though I'm only at the part where Dantes is out of the Chateu d'If (coolest name ever!) and being all Sweeney Todd: "I will have vengeance! I will have salvation!" except less singing and more usefulness and being nice to good people. (ok, and the cover art? As L pointed out in french class, Edmond has extremely prolific facial hair! And Peter Gallagher's eyebrows)

I will say, however, that I would have happily read a thousand page book if all it did was to describe the wedded bliss of Mercedes and Dantes if they'd gotten married in the first few chapters. *is a romantic*

Other books on my list include:
- the Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett
- The fourth book in the Ranger's Apprentice series, if it would EVER FREAKING COME OUT!
- finish A Hat Full of Sky ... again. Mr. Pratchett  = funniest author ever. :-)

Part 1.5: Starryskies has ended the J/M series! I hope whatever she writes next is just as good!

part 2 )
 guhhh Max=sex. That part in Happiness is a Warm Gun after the silence where he screams yeah in a downward spiral like it's freedom and he doesn't care anymore, that's what music is about. Emotion, and god this is beautiful. 

Aside from that, had the SUnnybrook field trip today; don't feel much like talking about it, though. Not yet, maybe later. 

mkay, so it's "Meredith's" b-day party next friday I think. McDreamy facebook's me for the first time in godknows-how-long to invite me, and apparently we need to talk. I'm confused and anticipatory, even though I'm sure it'll be really awkward, cuz I'm not up to speed on any politics (insofar as we're concerned)at all, and I've had no contact with AM or Izzie for about 2 months. Plus, i'm jpretty sure that Izzie dislikes me. Buggery. 

also not the point. be prepared for a long post about J and R and myself coming within the next few days/weeks/whenever the hell I have time. soon.
I honestly think I'm going crazy. If this is what the first three weeks of grade 11 are like, what the hell am I going to do in grade 12? Uni?

I'm so scared. 

Now onto a completely different topic, because I can't wrap my mind around the fact that Aa's leaving. O.O

I figure I might as well post now, while I still can. Goodness knows the rest of this year probably won't be so easy! Thank goodness I got all the courses I wanted, although the teachers are a little sketchy to say the least. 

My Schedule:

in this world, there's real and make believe -- this seems real to me

I'm so excited for tomorrow!
Home at last!

And on a completely random, but more frightening topic, Roxy, who is in Cuba, at this moment, is probably going to experience a hurricane sometime next week. What do you say to someone in that situation? Good luck? I hope you survive?

She better be ok.

OTOH, I may have just gotten somewhere on something I'm working on. Do not want to jinx it, therefore, will not mention it explicitly or by name. But it makes me happy.


Aug. 6th, 2007 09:02 pm

So, another new layout.

Huh. I'm not too comfortable with people being able to see the tags that I use (well, I guess that doesn't actually matter cuz the tags are public on posts too...). Of course, there is the reassurance that no one reads this journal, so I lose. :P

Plz see [personal profile] bitchy_merlin's journal for gym info.

Y'know what this is?

I'm counting down the hours til gym. I can't wait til gym
I clearly need to stop angsting over everything.
Ok, this is fucked up slightly strange:

I have to go to gymnastics tomorrow. Alright, fine. I have to bike to gymnastics tomorrow. Ummm... excuse me? And carry my bike upstairs to the gym, cause I apparently don't have a lock. Damn it. I'm sure this sounds extremely selfish/stuck up, so I'm very gald no one reads this journal, but this actually came out ot the blue. I really cannot stress how much I hope Michelle/Nastassia is/are free tomorrow, so I can do something with them instead of bike to the damn gym. 

Stupid everything. 

But PotC 2 was GREAT! And PotC 3 will be out soon... I hope. VfV is coming out on DVD soon, though, that's something :-) 

I am now determined to have a "Location" that matches every letter of the alphabet! lol.
I <3 Facebook! At least I can still talk to Steph, even if she's not in our group. Thank God. EWWW WHY THE FUCK IS OUR GYMFEST SOOOOO BAD!?!?!?!?!!?!!!
OMG! YAY!!!!



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