Jul. 25th, 2012 10:07 am
Toronto feels different to me now that I'm back here. Bigger. Wider. Or maybe it's always felt this way and I just haven't tuned in before. It's not like any of the European cities I've been to: it doesn't have the small, quiet streets of Groningen, nor the deep, resonant presence of London (and, boy, does that city ever have a lot to say). Toronto is different from all of that. I've felt echoes of it before but never this acutely. It's only a feeling that comes in the summer and I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something about the bright sky, the cool morning, the way the wind grinds itself into my skin... hello, city.
Found out while skyping with my mom on the weekend that not only did someone try to break in to our house, but also my childhood playground was burned to the ground.


Luckily, the would-be burglars didn't get in (though we now need a whole new door, thanks so fucking much), and no one was hurt in the fire.

I'm just so mad, though.

(But. I don't want to end on a negative note. The Whirlwind City Tour was beyond amazing. Pics up soon at Dutch My Life.)
Ho-leeeee shit.

One week. One week, OMG you guys, where did the time go? This time next week, instead of answering questions about vacation accrual or filing invoices, I’m going to be in Holland, trying to catch a train from Amsterdam Schiphol airport to Groningen.

I leave on Sunday. I can’t even.

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Um, you guys, we interrupt this broadcast to tell you that Jack Layton is dead. WTF. Hello, mindfuck. It somehow doesn’t seem possible, and yet. :/

(My flight doesn’t seem possible either, but man, I gotta start packing.)

PLUS ONE REC: Can't Go Back The Same Way You Came, Thor (movieverse), by Pell on AO3. THIS IS PERFECTION. IN WRITING. It is at once understated and heartwrenchingly brilliant, and you all need to read it yesterday. Like, it'll make you cry, it's so good.

*pokes LJ* Hey buddy, you done glitching yet? I’m running out of excuses to delay filling out my Off-Campus Activity Safety Planning Form; I’ve had the tabs open for months. I mean, not that reading about the hazards of travel in the Netherlands isn’t interesting, but it doesn’t really hold a candle to the steamy, sexually-charged and beautifully angst-ridden awesomeness that is the relationship between Erik Lensherr and Charles Xavier. (Killing will not bring you peace, Erik! Neither will cupcakes, nor transfer directions to the train station in Groningen, s2s.)


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Is anyone else having trouble believing July is almost over? WHERE DID MY SUMMER GO ;ALKSDJF;ASKJT;A I can’t even. Then again, I can’t even a lot of things right now, so that’s pretty much par for the course.

I need to change this layout, orange just doesn't do it for me.

Other than that, THINGS ARE BUSY!!!! Got back last night and the unpacking continues today (and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...). I WILL SOMEDAY BE ABLE TO SEE MY FLOOR AGAIN, I SWEAR.

Had breakfast with Fatima; it was lovely seeing her again. Then got home for lunch and animated discussions about the Royals with the parents. KATE'S WEDDING DRESS WAS GORGEOUS ETC. ETC ETC, I am so happy for them! </two cents> Now I'm in the middle of about fifteen different things (all of which start with "un-" and end with "packing"), and I just got an email about courses from the Exchange Coordinator in Groningen. ;LAKJSDFL;KAJSDFL :D I hope I can take enough PSYC credits to fulfill my degree requirements! We shall see.

I am not the only busy one! Apparently this was the week of f-list crazy! I wish you all calm, relaxing weekends (yeah, I know, pull the other one) because it sounds like you could use some. *massive hugs*

The tiniest downspot is that I am annoyed with Chloe rn. Who calls me out of the blue, being like "SO WHEN WE MEET UP TOMORROW, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY BUY ME [X]!!!! :D :D :D". Guuuurl, you better check your tactless ass. :// But anyway, it's a minor thing.

Now I am off to the movies! I do not think I will enjoy the show itself, but the company (hoorayyyy friends!) will be well worth it.


(I am not thinking about how I did, nor everything I ate today, nor all the exchange stuff on my to-do list. I AM ~HEPPI.)


TORONTOOOOOOO, HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 24 hours!

Uh, in other news, the weekend was good. I start at COBS tomorrow, so that should be... interesting.

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Fatima and I just got back from seeing the Dream in High Park*. ♥ SO MUCH LOVE! This year, they're doing Romeo and Juliet, and it is absolutely phenomenal. It doesn't have as much of a funky, hip-hop twist as some other years (like A Midsummer Night's Dream)but that's ok, because it's a tragedy, and I think it's better suited to a more reserved style anyway. Not that the word "reserved" factors into this performance in any way, shape, or form. The actors were all fantastic and full of energy, and they each played multiple parts, so I was quite impressed that they were able to remember their lines so easily. THE ACTORS WHO PLAYED ROMEO AND JULIET WERE SOOOOO GOOD, YOU GUYS! Ahhhhhh, I loved them! They really brought their enthusiasm to the stage, and everything played off really, really well.

No, seriously. I don't have enough compliments in my arsenal for this. ♥ ♥ Even though the ending is tragic (basically the entire audience was close to tears), the journey is really actually awesome, and ;lasdkf;laksdjf;asd I NEED MORE OF THIS IN MY LIFE.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has an evening free. It's two hours long, but the time went by way too quickly. It's pay what you can, so it's not like there's an exorbitant fee attached, and it's a ridicuawesome show. Fatima and I have decided we're going again sometime soon, and I can't fucking wait~ :D

*How much do I love that I live within walking distance of awesome stuff like this? SO MUCH.



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