Things My French Prof Talks About: a) the multiple stories within Jacques le fataliste, b) the quarrels, setbacks and conflicts that surrounded Diderot's work on L'Encyclopédie of 1751-72.

What I Choose To Do With That Knowledge: This. Posted a while ago on tumblr, but on here for posterity, because if you're looking for my stupid, you should be able to find it all in one place.

Not to mention, the following, being a ridiculous, completely historically inaccurate thing I wrote down while I should have been paying attention to a discussion about theater or something.

(Just going to preface the cut with the disclaimer that a) I know nothing about screenwriting; b)SO MUCH HISTORICAL INACCURACY because I can't be bothered to look up dates for these events; c) this is, actually, the most random thing EVER, sorry.)
d) franglais is totally an official language, wtf are you talking about? )

...I also wrote something down about a prompt for a prison!au-thing, based on Rousseau visiting Diderot while he was in prison* (and Diderot possibly subsequently influencing EVERYTHING ROUSSEAU DID, EVER (if you ask my prof)), but I think that will have to wait until I find the magical place where a kink meme for 18th century French writers/philosophes actually, y'know, exists.

*I live in fear of the day anyone asks to borrow my french notes. "What's this?" "Oh, that's, um. Just a bit of porn I wrote about Diderot getting it on with Voltaire. NBD."

ETA: Oh my GOD, dear flist D,,,,:  *HUGS*
YO INTERNETZ, BEEN A WHILE. (Ok, I mean it's been one day, but it was a REALLY LONG DAY since the internet decided to crap out, city-wide, WTF. How do you even do that?)

Things that have happened in the last week or so:

Out for dinner:
Mom: Oh my God, this sushi is so good.
Sarah: Yeah. Like. Orgasmic.
Grandma: Do you even know what orgasmic is?!

Most of my marks are out! :D I PASSED ECON, HOW AMAZING IS THAT? They must have belled the exam something wicked, though, cause seriously, I was just guessing randomly for 75 out of 80 questions. Linguistics was also higher than I expected (thank goodness~), although French was not as fantastic as I had hoped for. I really wanted a 90, but whatever, I will live. Haven't gotten Health102 back yet, but PSYC, OMG. OMFG. I FUCKING PWNED IT. By which I mean both my uber-inflated mid-term mark and the ricockulous* belling of the final exam have made it so that according to QCARD, my final mark is 97%. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. The 14-hour study days paid off!

In terms of fandom... Some people write fic ([ profile] thatdayismine , I'm looking at you bb!). Some people draw and paint and make icons (y halo thar [ profile] cherishedsaulie ). I, apparently by virtue of being dropped on my head as a child, spend inordinate amounts of time making things like this.

AND SPEAKING OF ENTERTAINING and Sarah being an epic douchebag. Over nine thousand thank you's to M for her EPIC OSCAR-WINNING SKILLZ. TEARS. IN. MY. EYES. BB. For saving me from doom and destruction because I am a terrible flake and yeah. OMG, still giggling to myself about that phone call. "Have you seen Sarah today?" "Uh... no. I just woke up." (While I am lying right there on the bed, halfway through an epic episode of NMTB.)

AND NOW I'M COOL! (Don't mock our intellectual Greek love, baby.)

*David: Yeah, like, cause the word "dick" is in there but no one ever really thinks about it. (I think he's been hanging around me too much...)



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