I was reading an article today in the campus newspaper about how Queen's University "should position itself more firmly in multicultural and multiracial society". In short: Queen's is racist. According to the article, a number of professors of visible minorities quit a few years ago due to their "academic environments" - the intolerance thereof. Furthermore, according to the article, "[there was] only a rally against racism after a professor of colour was forced off the sidewalk" (emphasis mine).

I didn't need the article to tell me that Queen's needs to work on facilitating diversity. I mean, that much is obvious just by a quick tour of the campus. But I guess I didn't realize the extent to which cultural and racial (and sexual, and ideological, and socioeconomic...) diversity is such an issue here.

How am I supposed to knowingly attend an institution when said institution remains passive in the face of this? How can I willingly call myself a Queen's student when Queen's just sits back and lets things like these happen?

I'm having a hard time grappling with the idea that this place calls itself one of the leading educational institutions in Canada - a nation that prides itself on its diversity, mind you - while not even caring that "students of colour... aren't applying to Queen's at all" because they know the hostility that will greet them here.

So I guess my question is this: WHAT THE FUCK, QUEEN'S?!
And the more important question is this: What can I do to change this?

(hfgdhgfdkymjv and I feel like this post sounds massively, atrociously shallow for being kind of the only one of its kind on my journal; and I feel like I'm stupid* for posting about this now - and I feel even stupider for going to Queen's in the first place - but I needed to say it somewhere.)

* Have I mentioned the massive inferiority complex that I've developed since coming here? Cause it's taking over my life.



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