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In Finnish: Hyvää Joulua! 

We just got back from Hanna's grandparents' place, where, in true grandparent style, we were plied with all sorts of delicious Finnish Christmas food (I took pictures of every dish - all will be up on DUTCH MY LIFE once I have access to my laptop again). We had rice porridge (delicous!) and fruit stew, pulla (little balls of sweetbread), jouluutorttu (flaky pastries filled with plum jam), taatelikakku (date cake) and rahkapulla (cream-filled sweetbread with lemon and raisins). I also learned how to say "thank you" - kiitos

Hanna's family was there: her siblings came with their children (adroable!). Her whole family is apparetly coming over to her house tonight, so I will get to meet even more Finnish people (and fail to communicate, due to the language barrier - but I have developed he general strategy of thanking everyone copiously and smiling all the time - seems to have worked so far...)

Can't really believe it's actually Christmas, though! I donät know where the time went! But last night, we decorated the Christmas tree, and today, we laid out the presents under it (literally a mountian of them - feels just like home!). I hope Hanna and her family like the gifts I brought- I'm thankful that the Gluhwein survived the trip here. 

Suffice to say, life is quite exciting at the moment, and I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to celebrate Christmas with Hanna and her family - not that I don't miss mine, but seriously, this is something special! :D 


2 Days

Sep. 4th, 2009 09:06 pm
I leave for university in two days. (Packing tips???)

My grandpa just called because he "wanted to talk to [me] before [I] go away". He said, "I have a new name for you - whee." I asked him what he meant and he told me: "The first day - the first time you rode a chairlift at Blue Mountain, I lifted you onto the chair, and the chair started moving, and you said 'whee!' because you'd never been on a chairlift before." I actually knew that already - I can still remember the moment when it felt like we were flying - but I was really touched by his call, especially since the grandparents never call us (it's where my brother and I get the 'shoty not getting the phone!' gene). I think he's really going to miss me. I'll miss him too.

(It feels so weird: I've said goodbye to Oma and G+G, but I still keep thinking that I'm going to see them on the weekend, like I always do. Two days left and it still hasn't sunken in.) 

I did, however, finally take both Oma and G+G out for meals. Oma I took for lunch a while ago to the Avenue Cafe and Bistro near my work, and G+G (and my immediate family) I took to Lily's Japanese restaurant. We had lots of sushi - the inari sushi there is absolutely orgasmic - and *singsong voice* I footed the bill!

I figure a nice dinner is the least I can do in return for eighteen years of being spoiled rotten. Anyway, off to do more productive things than read porn for the evening (UNDER DURESS OK).

(Ai-j'oublie de dire que j'ai un ordinateur? Je l'aime.)



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