Gotta love those Sunday night jam sessions~

Today, Albertine tried its hands at volleyball in the ACLO! It was a really fun game, despite the fact that none of use really knew how to play (though Mikko and Julie were actually pretty pro, and Esra definitely gave the ball what-for). After an hour of that, we biked back home and dug out Jamie's (nigh) deflated basketball to shoot hoops in the Noorderplantsoen. More epic funtimes! :D We also climbed on the play structures (i'm the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal~) and climbed up some trees, earning some rather nasty stink eyes from parents, and wholehearted hero-worship from their children.

This evening, Nescip and the Turkish girls treated Orange Kitchen to a sing-a-long of sorts. Basically, Nescip brought out his ute (NB: IDEK exactly what it is; it's pronounced like U-T-E, but IDK if the spelling is anything close to correct, and I have no idea about the English name for that thing - to me, it might as well be a guitar) and serenaded us with some awesome Turkish music. Apparently, 99% of Turkish music is about love and tragic romance. Which is legit.


I can't believe dance is over! There is a gigantic gaping void in my life now, where dance class used to be, and I can't believe that it's all gone by so fast.

Recital was a huge success! :D I haven't gotten much audience feedback (parents don't count; I think they were more preoccupied with my haircut), but on Saturday, the crowds were amazing, and being on stage felt amazing, and the other dancers were amazing, and it was all ~so beautiful~ ;asldkfjals;d I AM WHELMED BY THE AWESOME!

alors on danse~ )
I wish we could all just dance forever. ♥________♥

*I keep wanting to make self-deprecating jokes about people seeing me in my underwear, and then I remember that for Videodance, my costume was underwear, so it's a bit late to be worrying about modesty, I guess.
call me crazy, but
this vid
was so amazing.
i don't even *like* that song. but it's so perfect for this vid, and for the entirety of those 3 minutes and 39 seconds, i believed that Jack/Will was actually canon. it was beautiful (no disrespect to Will/Elizabeth, of course).
also, this (because, um, MANLINESS FTW! i <3 Mulan) as well as this  (lmfao). check 'em out!
also: I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON. I HAVE NOT SEEN A SINGLE HOUSE EPISODE THIS SEASON. but i did spend the majority of last night watching clips form the previous few eps, and it is no secret that House and Wilson are officially THE ONLY (and the best!) canon couple out there!

i started dancing around the room. literally. i had to stop though, cause my dad started getting irritated ;-)

"OhmyGod. You're sleeping with me."
and then of course the: "Why don't we sleep together?"


also tried to make a fan vid of my own <--BIG mistake. failed miserably, since i have no grasp of how to rip dvds. if i could make it play on WMM then i'd be fine, but alas... we cannot all be gifted with technology.

... well happy belated New Year, etc.,etc.. 
Whew. It's been a while *looks around* Still pretty :-)
Please note: greasing the bottom of a toboggan with Crisco and attempting to slide down a grassy hill because of our non-winter does NOT work. It will only result in mass hysteria (and amusement) and the anger of parental units. omg, it was fun though! 

There. That link made my day! 
Ok, and listening to It Ends Tonight makes me think of Wilson commiting suicide... don't ask, I have no idea where it came from either.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS (belated) AND BEST WISHES IN THE NEW YEAR for anyone who actually clicks the link to my LJ.



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