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I have reached home, and guess what's the best thing about that?
No, not the fact that it no longer takes me 30 minutes to 'quickly' check something over Google. (I welcome our robotic overlords.)
No, not the fact that there's a letter from Helsinki University with papers that I can use to prove to people that I'm a student there.
It's the fact that there's two postcards filled with text from my most favouritest Canadian person on my desk! (Plus a book from my sister.)

Ah, it's good to be back.

;ASLDKFAS;DFATJANERTEGPI You're killing me here, boy!

Aw, shucks, my face pretty much broke in half with smiles when I read that message. I've been sending out postcards like a whirlwind ever since I got back; it's good to know someone appreciates them.


In other news, I'm in Hamilton atm. It's hot and muggy but nice to be away from the city for a while (and hoooray slight reprieve from my parents whom I love dearly but lately can't seem to connect with, um, at all). Not much has been happening here, though; C. and I are both consumed by work: she with her summer courses and I with the impending GREs and my UNDERGRADUATE THESIS when did that even happen!?  The vague topic for it (no1curr, Sarah!) is cross-cultural differences in impression formation, focusing on the latency and power of first impressions and how that differs between Chinese and Euro-Canadians. I'm sure there's some whole fancy official title for it that I'm missing, but the key word here is "undergraduate" aka Not Fully Fledged Human Yet. So, hooray, I get to be a lab rat! Between this and my Donship (and the third-year stats course of DOOM hurr hurr), this is shaping up to be quite an interesting year indeed.



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