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Ho-leeeee shit.

One week. One week, OMG you guys, where did the time go? This time next week, instead of answering questions about vacation accrual or filing invoices, I’m going to be in Holland, trying to catch a train from Amsterdam Schiphol airport to Groningen.

I leave on Sunday. I can’t even.

But right, let me first talk about the most recent weekend because it was full of Good Things which I want to be able to remember about this summer. On Friday evening, [livejournal.com profile] cherishedsaulie and I walked around Bloor West for a bit, as is our wont, and it was nice. On Saturday, I slept for 11 hours (hhghhnnngggh, glorious) and spent the day chilling with my family (well, we were all in the same house for a number of hours, so it totally counts, even if the various factions said maybe three words to each other, max). Mom and I made Lemon Shrimp Salad; it turned out a lot better than I thought it would. We didn’t have fresh basil (and one cup is kind of a lot), so I just used two tablespoons of dried stuff, and I didn’t put any in the marinade. I also subbed shallots for the green onions, but reduced the quantity slightly, just so people could taste more of the shrimp and less of the onion. Of course, my mom and I being who we are, no entrée is complete without the requisite freak-out over whether or not the food is truly cooked. We BBQ’d the shrimp and peppers twice, just to make sure. No one got food poisoning, yay! (One day, I will understand what attracts people to the stress of BBQing. Maybe it’s a Y-chromosome thing.)

That night, I woke up from a screaming nightmare wherein my exchange had been cancelled and I was being forced to live with Iqra again for third year. Seriously terrifying. I fell back asleep and dreamt that I was at work, pulling invoices, only instead of financial information, they had calorie-counting information, and I was stressing out over that as well. Clearly my conscience knows that subtlety is not the way to get through to me and has resorted to more blatant tactics.

On Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] cherishedsaulie and I woke up early and ventured out to Pacific Mall. It was fun, though I feel like I aged eighty years between getting on the subway at High Park and stumbling off the bus (smelled like goat) at the mall. After thoroughly exploring the mall (and, in [livejournal.com profile] cherishedsaulie’s case, getting a lifetime’s fill of swag), we started the venture back home.

…You get three guesses as to what the weather was like, and the first two don’t count. No sooner had we set foot in the bus shelter than hello, Apocalypse. Torrential downpour, grey-green sky, thunder and lightning – the works. I think by now we have had three summers’ worth of Noah’s ark-esque weather, and somehow,[livejournal.com profile] cherishedsaulie and I are always caught in it.

Anyway, we got home and dried off a bit before heading out to Chloe’s picnic in High Park, wherein I ate wayyyy too much food but had an excellent time. There were quite a few people there, some of whom I haven’t seen for a while. Sally Tates, she of the Infinite Classics Wisdom and Really Huge Awesome Quota was there, and she told me about her recent trip to Turkey and Italy for school, during which she got to explore Caecilius’ house and BROKE OFF A PIECE as a souvenir. In her words, “IT MAY HAVE BEEN QUINTUS!”. In mine, “A;LSJDF;LKAJSD;TL;I;IWN;IAT OMFGOMFGOMFGGGGGGGG!!!!1”

We all traipsed down to the Castle Playground after that, where Brandon (he is secretly a ninja, I swear it) led MelFreds, Luke and I in a merry follow-the-leader scaling the walls, windows, parapets and half-inch wide railings of the entire playground. It brought back memories of playing ball tag in the park with mom and dad. The end results: four self-proclaimed Ninja Masters, one pair of ripped jeans (mine), oodles of fun.

(Today, I was back at work helping with capital audit reconciliations, which hardly seems fair.)

Um, you guys, we interrupt this broadcast to tell you that Jack Layton is dead. WTF. Hello, mindfuck. It somehow doesn’t seem possible, and yet. :/

(My flight doesn’t seem possible either, but man, I gotta start packing.)

PLUS ONE REC: Can't Go Back The Same Way You Came, Thor (movieverse), by Pell on AO3. THIS IS PERFECTION. IN WRITING. It is at once understated and heartwrenchingly brilliant, and you all need to read it yesterday. Like, it'll make you cry, it's so good.
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