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Random notes on things that have happened:

- Hanna and Jamie --> Hanna&Jamie
(they're adorable and i'm so glad i stopped avoiding them. admitting my awkwardness and being forgiven for it. I love having friends)

- seeing my parents for the first time since last august. what up. (NABER HACI? In Turkish)
(i am the fattest person in my family and i'm alternating wildly between madly fucked up about it and too happy with my life to care)

- Epic Meal Time with my parents, Modestas' parents, Gokcen's friends and assorted albertinians in orange kitchen

- playing football for two hours with fabian, necip and the guys on friday. heading the ball into the net. WITH MY FAAAACE. Watching Fabian's amazing bicycle kick

- watching football at Cafe Pintelier with fabian, his girlfriend, santi and audrey. bittersweet game (portugal > nl), bittersweet goodbyes (but i'll send my parents to you, audrey). lots of laughs

- goodbye ulgaz; catch you later in istanbul!

- last breakfast with sonja, sabine and ange. <3 being appreciated for my beer bread. Love you, ladies! <3

- facebooking with simo. he called me pulchritudinous? and gave me hugs! i miss him!

- reading the breathtaking, paralyzing beauty of hanna's poetry. i couldn't breathe afterward. god.

- knowing that in four hours i'm getting up to travel across europe with my parents. SO EXCITED.

Final Remark:
And thank you to the kind people who replied to my last post; your words give me such comfort and such hope. I cried while reading those comments. When I get back to Canada, I will get help for this. I really can't put into words what you've done for me, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you.



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