bitchy_merlin ([personal profile] bitchy_merlin) wrote2011-04-15 10:31 pm

and we all go herp derpin' on, alright



I am so heppi rn. Love to everyone!

Woke up this morning feeling like P. Diddy Ke$ha slightly before 8 to gorgeous, sunny weather (surprise #1! I had thought it was going to rain) and to Iqra's cry of "Happy BIrthday" AND ALSO BALLOONS. I was really pleased - surprise #2: I didn't think I would merit the hug or the balloons! Headed off to the gym to start the day properly... with a 5k run. And I treated myself to Thorough Stretching and Intense Abs; hello, hedonism. :-) Then, I came back, showered and changed, and waited for Kim and Frank* to show up, as planned, for a day of shopping. And I waited. And waited. I got coffee, returned library books, and waited some more. Finally, almost an hour after they were supposed to show up, I got a text saying "meet us at biosci", which just so happens to be one of the farthest buildings from my house. I thought that was pretty weird, since we had agreed on facebook to meet here... so I called the number. Kim picked up; her voice sounded strange, like she had been crying. But I was told to head to biosci, so I did at once.

Imagine my surprise when, upon arriving in the biosci atrium, I found no trace of my friends. Imagine my surprise when I called the strange number and Kim said "We're at your house now. You can come back. But take your time". She still sounded like she'd been crying. But things were beginning to click. I meandered strategically back home; it was a nice day for a walk! I finally arrived at the apartment... surprise number fifty billion...


Kim and Frank were in the living room, along with Iqra. A huge arch of balloons was festooned over the door to my room, and there were streamers on the walls! And there was cake! Not just any cake, though; A TROLL CAKE. OMFG MY FRIENDS ARE TOO AWESOME. Instead of roses, the cake was adorned with TROLL GUY going YOU MAD BRO? (seriously, Kim has art skillz!) and the inscription on the cake read "It's Friday. Which seat will you take?" and all I could do was stand there physically flailing and ;lKSJ;lkaj;LAKSDJF;LAKSJDT;ASDA SO MUCH WIN.

And then we ate cake. OM NOM NOM NOM. :D

After the cake (delish), Kim, Frank and I left to go shopping, but not before Iqra gave me a Chapters giftcard (!! Surprise! Did not think I merited this, either, but LOVES~). Our first stop? CHAPTERS, OBVI. :D While browsing the bookshelves, Kim sidled up to me and enlisted my help in sekkritly buying a book for Frank - she distracted him while I ran and purchased the book (Dreadnought, fwiw). It was really cute :) Then, our nerdiness having been satisfied, we went to the Cataraqui Mall. I bought myself a ring and a muffin from Timmies. Hooray. After the mall, we went to the RioCan centre, where I found a $5 jacket - reduced from $90, amaze! That was pretty epic. By this time, it was about 5:30, so we headed downtown for dinner at the Copper Penny.

ALL THE FOOD, EVER. There was this dish which reminded me of the Epic Mealtime guys; it was basically meat plus meat with a side of meat. So naturally, that's what we three split. Then, thanks to Frank and Kim's loud pre-supper proclamations, we got free dessert, because it was my birthday! :D I've lost count of the surprises, but they were all awesome. AND THEN I GOT A BOOK! Frank had seen me spazzing over the softcover version of Unseen Academicals in Chapters, so he and Kim bought it for me, while I was simultaneously buying Dreadnought for Frank. Friends, how do they do it?

I continue to be whelmed by the various and sundry texts, fb notes** and birthday cards people have sent me today. :-) It is truly more than I deserve. There are not enough emoticons or varieties of capslock to express how much I am bursting forth greatly with joy. Thank you, everyone***, for making this day so special, and so much more awesome than I could ever have imagined.


* I had told neither of them about my birthday beforehand, cause I just wanted a chill time with friends, but ;laksdfjla;sdf.
** Happiness: Jade and Stephanie both wished me a happy birthday! Have not spoken to Jade in ages (at least five years), and Stephanie, well... I mean, you know. Me--->Her. It was a very pleasant surprise.
*** Alright, maybe three people whom I know IRL will read this, but the point is, you are all awesome and I love you all~