In Finnish: Hyvää Joulua! 

We just got back from Hanna's grandparents' place, where, in true grandparent style, we were plied with all sorts of delicious Finnish Christmas food (I took pictures of every dish - all will be up on DUTCH MY LIFE once I have access to my laptop again). We had rice porridge (delicous!) and fruit stew, pulla (little balls of sweetbread), jouluutorttu (flaky pastries filled with plum jam), taatelikakku (date cake) and rahkapulla (cream-filled sweetbread with lemon and raisins). I also learned how to say "thank you" - kiitos

Hanna's family was there: her siblings came with their children (adroable!). Her whole family is apparetly coming over to her house tonight, so I will get to meet even more Finnish people (and fail to communicate, due to the language barrier - but I have developed he general strategy of thanking everyone copiously and smiling all the time - seems to have worked so far...)

Can't really believe it's actually Christmas, though! I donät know where the time went! But last night, we decorated the Christmas tree, and today, we laid out the presents under it (literally a mountian of them - feels just like home!). I hope Hanna and her family like the gifts I brought- I'm thankful that the Gluhwein survived the trip here. 

Suffice to say, life is quite exciting at the moment, and I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to celebrate Christmas with Hanna and her family - not that I don't miss mine, but seriously, this is something special! :D 

Merry Christmas! :-)

We are home from visiting the Relatives, stuffed with turkey and all manner of other delicious things. On Christmas Eve, Oma and I made Gluhwein (umlauts not included), which was a surprising success. Today, we exchanged gifts; Dad is very happy with his new scarf, and I am now the fortuitous owner of not one but 3 toothbrushes! ;) All in all, an excellent Christmas. ♥ and tomorrow, we leave for Collingwood, Land of No Internet. We'll be back in a week, but until then, wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!
Holler and to all those who celebrate it, merry Christmas Eve eve! :D December 24th was always my favourite day of the year, for a whole host of reasons. Not only do we get to hang out with the "German" relatives*, but we get turkey with Dad's mashed potatoes**, Oma's cookies for dessert, presents from the relatives, and, best of all, we get the breathless anticipation of knowing that if we're good, Santa will come overnight and leave presents under the Christmas tree.*** The waiting is half the reward, TBH. Not being little anymore is a bit saddening this time of year, but the other perks make up for it. Mostly.

Um, but this post is mainly to ask a question! I know this journal gets minimal traffic at best, but I would really appreciate your answers! The question is basically this: how do you deal with people when you're upset with them?
TL;DR under the cut. In other news, I am still fourteen. )

Anyway, tl;dr (kudos if you made it through that without giving up in disgust/throwing stuff at the screen btw), HOW DO PEOPLE DEAL WITH OTHER PEOPLE IN A MATURE FASHION ARRRGH?

*I have mentally divided my extended family into two sides. My dad's side, consisting of my Oma, my uncle and aunt, and my COUSINS!!!!1, I call the "Germans". My mom's side, consisting of... everyone else (grandparents, uncles, aunts, second-cousins, great-uncles/aunts, third/fourth-degree relatives, etc. etc.) are, collectively, the "Asians". TURRIBLE STEREOTYPING IS TERRIBLE. Sit here and watch me not give a shit.


***I still like to leave out milk and cookies.
lists. they make the world go round ) I was typing this entry, I sometimes looked up, and I have realized that my Stumble messages have increased like clockwork, every three minutes or so. It's slightly disconcerting.
Um. Today. Yeah. Boring.

white wine in the sun )

Ugh. Sometimes I think... as my brother would say, "I don't even know, man."

The lights in the kitchen are on; the CD player is blasting selections from our various Christmas CDs; and the air is resplendent with the ambrosial aroma of Mom's shortbread cookies.

Christmas is on the way!

(All we need is snow and a tree ;-))
Well. I hope everyone is having a very happy holiday season right now. Christmas was fun and lots of booty came my way (because I am a spoiled child, oh yes). A brilliant new pair of headphones that drown out outside noise (aka parents,siblings, relatives, bad music), some DVDs (when will Uncle S learn?), and a buttload of Pjs. Then, today, Boxing Day, I went shopping. What a hit! A pair of skinny jeans from American Eagle, as well as a hoodie; dress pants and a $12 shirt from Dynamite; a 1/2 price skirt from Jacob. I love it. Which reminds me: I was also fortunate enough to receive a pair of leather gloves by Kenneth Cole! Wait til I tell SC! She'll flip!

My grandparents got a treadmill and other stuff; my mom got a very inventively wrapped West Wing S2; my dad got a bike; my brother got an Avatar game, and a Splinter Cell game for Wii, even though it's rated M, don't tell my parents that.

There was turkey and food and they will have to roll me to school after this break. Whatev.

Tonight, we saw all the asian family, the Relatives. The second cousins too, and all the little kids. They're so cute, L and M especially. Although M has a penchant for reading I SPY books for HOURS on end, I kid you not.  All in all? Wonderful Christmas. I did ignore S throughout tonight's dinner, though, so I hope she can forgive me. Not that we ever have much to say to each other anyway.

Happy Holidays!



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