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I can't believe dance is over! There is a gigantic gaping void in my life now, where dance class used to be, and I can't believe that it's all gone by so fast.

Recital was a huge success! :D I haven't gotten much audience feedback (parents don't count; I think they were more preoccupied with my haircut), but on Saturday, the crowds were amazing, and being on stage felt amazing, and the other dancers were amazing, and it was all ~so beautiful~ ;asldkfjals;d I AM WHELMED BY THE AWESOME!

Best three days of my life, and even the coming week of endless sleep deprivation will be worth it. I still don't have the words to describe dance; just amazing and fun all round. I enjoyed every bit of recital this year, from the first twang of nerves as we stepped on stage for Cardiofunk to the look on people's faces as I tore down the hall in various states of undress, to that magical moment waiting in the wings before the next piece, watching the dancers bend and roll and sway. I loved our raunchy moves in videodance and Brittany being moved almost to the point of tears at our ballet number. I'm stupidly upset that some of the instructors/dancers/staff won't be returning next year; I will miss Julie the most, since I've been in her class for as long as she's been teaching with QDC. Hard to believe she's graduating, but I wish her all the best in whatever she may do.

UGH UGH UGH I WISH I HAD WORDS FOR DANCE/QDC/ALL THIS, BUT I DON'T. JUST. ;ASLKDFJA;SLDKJT;ALSTJ;LASDKFJASND;ASTJA;LDKSF AND GENERAL FLAILING WITH ~FEELINGS~. I'm going to miss QDC so much next year on exchange, I can't even think about it. Instead, I'm going to think about how fun and awesome it felt to be on stage for all my numbers, and consequently, how fast I have become at getting into and out of my costumes! Running down three flights of stairs while taking off my shirt? No problem. Doing hurdles over people's outstretched legs in nothing but a bra and spandex shorts? Gotcha covered (or, erm, not*). My catchphrase? "Scusemepardonmegottachangegottagetchangedscusemesorryohgod EXCUSE ME!" So glad I was in the actual changeroom this year, instead of the communal Drop-Your-Shit-Off-Here area, which is significantly farther from the stage. Other improvements from last year include me attempting to do my own stage makeup. Since I have no idea how to do Real Life makeup in the first place what is this goop on my face what is it? things were interesting. Over the course of recital, I went from "Uh... the blue stuff goes on my eyes, right?" to "OH YEAH SURE FIVE BILLION LAYERS OF EYESHADOW NBD NBD IT'S SO ~*~DRAMATIC~*~ 8D 8D". (Insert Makani face here.)

THE OTHER DANCES WERE FANTASTIC OMG. Flow was fucking spectacular, as always. Their routine was like guhhhhhh *______________*. Also, I want to be the Queen's Dance Team when I grow up. I wish I had a video of their performance (the programme calls it "Touch"); I've only seen it once (during dress rehearsal), but when I saw it, I almost started crying. Advanced Modern was another one I really liked. ;ALSKDFHSA;L I am signing up for that class in fourth year. They had all the cool moves (IDEK what modern dance is, but ;lkj;lk it looks like all the awesome).

I don't have pics of the performance (YET!!), but have a video, which is a mishmash of some pieces (note: I have no freaking clue who the people making the video are):

I wish we could all just dance forever. ♥________♥

*I keep wanting to make self-deprecating jokes about people seeing me in my underwear, and then I remember that for Videodance, my costume was underwear, so it's a bit late to be worrying about modesty, I guess.
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