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Well, I am once again back in Kingston. %UHHHHH. I want to say it wasn't as painful as last year, but I can't remember last year, so I won't. (Hey, kids. Chances are, if you're rating your feelings about going back to uni after a break as "painful", it's probably not the place for you. Too late now, though. Onwards and upwards!)

The break was marvelous, though. I know I'm going to regret not posting more about it, but between working, exercising, eating, fandom, relatives, family and friends - whoops, no time. :) That's ok, though, because I got to hang out with the most excellent [livejournal.com profile] thatdayismine , A;SDLFJA;LSDJA;STD IT WAS SO AWESOME. Like. All the awesome. :D I don't have words to express the greatness of that day. ♥ Love you, bb.

I also hung out with [livejournal.com profile] cherishedsaulie  A;LSDKFJAST;A BRO LET'S NEVER HAVE A DRY SPELL LIKE THAT AGAIN, OK? Awesomeness and more awesomeness, and football and awesomeness. <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

On Friday, I slept over at Eden's, and we watched Megamind. YOU GUYS, IT IS THE CUTEST MOVIE SINCE WALL-E. I was kinda skeptical about it at first, but al;skfjalskdj;alt SO CUTE! <3__________________<3 I think we made quite a spectacle of ourselves, stumbling through Bloor West, proclaiming loudly that "YOU ARE THE DANIEL TO MY RORSCHACH" and so on. Then she proposed to me and we both lol'd our asses off, and in general had a lulzy time. (Also, we watched Batman Begins... which of course involved endless criticism of the tragedy that was Christian Bale's facial hair, epic spiels centered around the Fu-Machu of Doom, and lots of distraction whenever Cillian Murphy was onscreen.)

On Saturday, we visited our cousins and ate all the food, ever. Korean food is the best, yo. David and I also introduced the kids to the glory of Ye Olde Snowball Fight. I totally did not use foul language around four year olds. It was fun.

Saturday night, Michelle, Chloe, Oliver and I went to se True Grit, at C's insistence. It was better than I thought it would be. On the subway home (HELLO, THINGS THAT ARE OPEN AT TWO IN THE MORNING! Suck my dick, Kingston commercial hours.), Michelle, Oliver and I were all slumped on top of each other in our seats with our eyes closed, resting. "Aww, they're soooo calm," some drunk girl squealed to her friend. It made me smile and I had to force myself not to laugh.

That's what I want to remember from the break. Fun times with friends and family, Oliver's head warm and heavy on my shoulder, the twins yelling at David and I to build the damn snowman already, Eden's loud and ridiculous proposal in the middle of the street, plotting Inception fic with Nav in Starbucks, being surrounded with so many amazing and brilliant people (I love you all ♥)... and just that winter break was awesome.



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